Welcome to The Lanta Group, a different kind of human capital company. We specialize in search and training. What separates Lanta from other search firms is our approach. We go beyond finding skill sets and truly match clients with candidates that blend with their company culture. Our roster of successful placements includes: Executive Management, Marketing Specialists, Project Managers, Sales Force, Operations and Technical Personnel. We currently work with more than 60 companies in the Atlanta area alone and also work with clients in New York, Austin, and San Francisco.

Whether you are open to new opportunities or charged with the responsibility of finding new talent for your company, Lanta is your solution. Our management team has been offering training solutions for over 9 years to companies in an array of industries and sizes. Our clients like the Lanta approach to training where we learn about your company and utilize an extensive nationwide network of trainers to offer tailored solutions to help your people achieve new levels of success.

When you are looking for a way to maximize your employees' potential, Lanta is your solution.

For more information please contact us directly at: search@lanta.com


Garage.com and The Lanta Group announce strategic alliance.

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